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Build Your Own Civilization, Defend Your Own World!
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TribeStrive is a world of possibilities in a world you create. A unique and comprehensive gaming experience, TribeStrive combines the best of war and civilization games to give you the thrill of discovering the best of both worlds. Can you can emerge victorious and take your clan all the way to the top?

In millenniums gone by, the great power of Rome was unsettled by the disgruntled stirrings of little known nomads on the steppes of Asia. The sight of a Viking Longship signaled certain bloodshed for those whose eyes saw its curved bow.

Little known barbarian tribes gave birth to classical Europe. Dorians from northern lands doomed Greece into a dark age but the land surged anew because of the simple yet majestic power of iron!

Civilization is as strong as its power, wealth and health. What is the value of a thriving civilization if it has no means of self defense or the strength in an army that dooms its people to a life of war-related famine? If you have often pondered on questions like these and think you can find the perfect balance then Tribestrive is for you.
One Earth Planet as ancient as time Magnificent, omnipotent force Untamed, alive Anything is possible One World A paradise to be nurtured Conquered, plundered Or possessed By your own hand One Tribe Born from nothing Rising from the dust Of noble intentions Only ONE Will rule supreme

You can become part of a world where men were men and the Clan meant all. A time when decisions meant feast or famine and your closest friends could be your worst enemies. A time of blood, sweat and brute force where your worth will be proved by your intelligence, cunning or diplomacy. This is a brutal, unforgiving land where your name could be remembered for all time or just as easily forgotten in the barren dust.

Many Choices ··back to top

Ultimately, it's your choice. Will you grow and thrive, building piece by piece a great army, magnificent wealth, survival skills, and food resources? Will you play it safe and stay isolated, watching your wealth grow with little satisfaction or will you transform yourself and surge forward to conquer new worlds?

Will you befriend your stronger neighbors and together conquer the evil forces that threaten your survival and the survival of the defenseless women and children who rely on your leadership for their very survival? There are endless possibilities and the world is your canvas.

You hold the power and you choose how you will use it. Always remember you are only as strong as your weakest link and never forget the fall of Rome.

With Tribestrive you will have the opportunity to create your very own world. You have the power to manage your tribe down to the smallest details. You decide how your people will eat and who will feed them. You will make weapons for defense and hunting and scout the landscape for food, shelter, hunting and fishing grounds and the expansion of territories.

The Challenge ··back to top

No information is provided, you do this alone and you will know nothing you haven't found out on your own. You won't know what type of terrain is on your borders and even more unnerving, you will have very little knowledge of the whereabouts and intentions of other clans.

It is this clouded and challenging world that renders your decisions to those of life and death. Your judgment cannot falter. If you assign too few of your clan to gather food, your people will surely starve but too few people able to defend against attack and starving won't really matter one way or the other.

Your people will remain stunted if you don't arm them with valuable skills and tools for weapon making, medicine or hunting implements. It's all about balance and leadership in Tribestrive and you are acting with limited knowledge so you will have to be cautious and wise.

Like Rome, creating a Tribestrive world take time, patience and energy to build and will need more than a little intelligent planning and forethought to see you through to your ultimate goal. If you think you have what is takes CrazyBri.net invites you to join us in creating your own super-tribe and your very own world within a world.

Getting Started ··back to top

To get underway you will need to create a clan. You are the chief of this clan and you decide what to call it. Initially you will be a single tribe, but as the game progresses you are able to grow into a whole nation with up to ten tribes.

Create a clan by signing up with your e-mail address and creating a name for your tribe. Be creative, but clean, and try to make a statement with your tribe name. You will receive an e-mail and a private password. Log in to the game and get the action underway.

Advice for New Players: Two Strategies to Get You Started

Strategy No. 1 ··back to top

To begin with you will have very little to work with. You will, however receive an inventory of goods and belongings that your tribe owns, a basic skills list and you will also know where your tribe is located.

When you create your clan you will have to make a choice between a small quantity of bronze and a lesser quantity of iron. You will also have to choose between a small number of traps and a smaller number of swords. This very basic information is all you will be provided with.

To establish your clan you will need to do some planning. So, where do you start? The first thing you need to do is feed your tribe. You are in a sense a leader but also a provider. As such, you may choose between Hunting, Herding, Farming or Fishing each of which has its pros and cons. Farming and Fishing are best left till your tribe is more advanced.

We suggest you start to hunt for food first but please consult the FAQ's for more information on the most effective feeding strategy for your tribe. Read it carefully. Seasons come and go and food supplies rise and fall. Don't be caught off guard, and remember the influence of your terrain on your options for gathering food.

Strategy No. 2 ··back to top

The next thing you will need to do as clan leader is to discover where your tribe is located and try to grow stronger within your environment. As a new tribe you can NOT be attacked by other tribes for your first twelve turns but this is no excuse to rest on your laurels. You will need to be prepared to deal with advanced and powerful tribes that will destroy a new tribe without a backward glance at the first available opportunity.

As your tribe grows you will need to obtain THREE very important items: Iron, Wood and Coal. You will also need skills to work these integral items into something usable. Read that sentence again. You MUST have these three items to gain in strength.

Skills you will need to focus on are Engineering, Refining, Mining and Metalworking but you will also need weapon and armor skills to make tools for mining, for example

We suggest making use of the FAQ's to determine the skill attempts you may need to obtain these valuable commodities and how these are calculated. For more help understanding your skills read the Skills Help section.

Proceed by Hunting, Herding and Scouting your terrain and you are off to a worthy start. In time you can form alliances and a cultural identity, but take care of the basics before attempting these higher ideals. As you move ahead consult the FAQ's to understand the more advanced skills better.

Basic Concepts:

Maps and Terrain ··back to top

Moving Around

Your game can begin immediately after your sign up and login. Each turn begins with 18 or 27 movement points and this will depend on how many horses and elephants you have relative to your population numbers. A horse is capable of transporting one person and each elephant can carry four. If you are able to transport your whole tribe, you gain 27 more and if not 18 more points.


You are only able to enter certain terrains if your points qualify you to do so. For example the Prairie needs only 3 points to enter but Low Coniferous Mountains will require far more.

The Map

You will find the MINI MAP at the top of the MAIN TRIBE screen. If you want a close up, go to the maps screen. You move by clicking on the map. Your tribe is the center, highlighted square on the map. Only your movements or the movements divulged to you by friendly tribes will appear on the map, the remainder of the squares appear as question marks, just to keep it interesting.

Skills and Activities ··back to top

Clan Skills

Your tribes need to grow in skill and abilities and each turn will give you an opportunity to do so. Skills are important as these will allow you greater freedom of movement and more possibilities. Depending on the skills you possess you will have a certain level of ability or may influence the number of people you can assign to a specific task. As you rise in skills you are allowed more freedom. Certain skills are automatically allowed, for example security.

Clan Activities

These are the things your clan will need to do each day to survive. If you miss one or two days some default activities will surface so don't worry about killing your tribe by not being able to play on any given day, but be careful not to forget them because depending on how advance their hunting abilities are and whether it is a plentiful or meager season they may well go hungry.

The Goods Tribe

A goods tribe is automatically assigned to your clan. To begin with this is an independent tribe. Its needs are taken care of from within. Later, as you create sub tribes your tribe will become the goods tribe for the young tribes. When these have been made strong you can alter this by means of the TRANSFERS SCREEN. Make sure you understand how the goods tribe functions or you could get into trouble.

Scoring and Rules ··back to top


Scores are calculated once every game month i.e. once per real time day of play. For a complete list of how scores are calculated consult the Basic Help page.

Rules of Play

-You may not create multiple accounts i.e. have more than a single tribe in the game. Please note that you will be removed if you do.

-You are not allowed anachronistic usernames and these will be changed if you use them.

-Please don't exploit any 'bugs' you find in the game. Be fair and report these to the administrator and/or on the Crazy Forums.

Need More Help?

TribeStrive can seem a little intimidating to the new player but help is at hand if you have never played a game like this before. CrazyBri.net welcomes and invites you to ask any questions you may have on our Crazy Forums.

Help is available from players and moderators and you will benefit from their experience and knowledge of the game. There is a specific forum for TribeStrive or you may like to join a more general forum for a friendly chat or just to meet some great, down-to-earth people. You are always welcome to participate! Please don't hesitate to join us on the forums.

TribeStrive Updates ··back to top

The team at CrazyBri.net is committed to providing top quality games and is constantly working to update the games with fresh coding and developing small sections of the game that need streamlining.

A lot of work has been done on improving the game's interface and more changes are in the pipeline that will make it even more user-friendly. At present the game is still in beta format but you shouldn't come across too many stumbling blocks. If you do, please report them in the Crazy Forums so that the game can be kept up to date. We welcome your comments and feedback, so please share them with the team.

A Word on Friendly Global Communication

REMEMBER: CrazyBri.net is a family-friendly site and bad behavior or language is never tolerated or condoned. It's a simple rule and easy to obey if you maintain a respectful and gracious attitude to your fellow players. If you break this rule and behave in a disrespectful manner, you will be banned and shown very little mercy. So keep it clean, have fun and go forth and conquer!

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