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Planets measure our birth The stars map the future The great Catherine Wheel of our galaxy Glows with the light of a 100 billion stars

Inter-Galactic Warfare at its Best

Outer space is swelling around us. Billions and billions of cubic miles of new space appear between the galaxies each day, thrusting us away from our neighbors, steadily giving birth to the night sky. 15 Billion years ago our universe sprang out of a single point, the beginning of space and time. Today our galaxies are clustered together millions of light years apart, illuminated by 100 billion stars. Darkness lurks between these worlds, an unsolved mystery.

Gazing out at space and its infinite possibilities, the unknown is inviting. Could you conquer galaxies and rule the untamed? Do you have what it takes to rule a brutal mysterious world? It's all about strategy and you may well be a pro, but you are not alone in wanting to taste the riches of outer space. Enemies lurk in places unseen and you will have to outsmart them if you really mean to conquer the world where space and time rule.

CrazyBri.net invites you to explore an unknown universe, trade for valuable commodities and gain wealth and power beyond your wildest imaginings.

A game of inter-galactic adventures, The Fastnova game is a fast paced adventure that allows you to engage in warfare over space sectors and the ownership of planets. Do battle at your peril and be wise or you may lose everything.
Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt is a version of the original BlackNova Traders game which CrazyBri.net runs as Coolnova Classic. If you enjoy playing Fastnova, we recommend trying Coolnova Classic too.
Gunslingers, Originally forked from Blacknova Traders is very similar to online games like Trade Wars, Alien Assault Traders and Ultimate Universe so if you are a die hard fan of games like this you will probably love Fastnova.
Three versions of Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt are available for your gaming pleasure and you will be sure to find one that suits your taste, ability level and time schedule perfectly.

Fastnova ··back to top

Fastnova is a super-fast paced game that offers a non-stop thrill ride as you battle for top honors against the best of the best. It features very fast settings so players can build at lightning speed, and hundreds of dangerous A.I. players known as Xenobes. This game resets on SUNDAY at 12 noon EST every two weeks. So, there is no time for resting on your laurels with this one. A great game for the adrenaline addicted!
Try Fastnova /a> now if speed is your ultimate weapon.

Black Hole ··back to top

TKI Blackhole The Blackhole is the game for you if you like to take your time and build up at your own pace or for those who don't have time to play every day. Also known as the 'forever' game, this game can run for as much as six months before it is reset. There are typically a few dozen Xenobes to hunt down and kill in this game.. Settings are slow and perfect for the part time player. This game usually runs until somebody emerges as the clear winner. Will it be you?

Tournament Game ··back to top

The Tournament The Tournament is for players who don't feel Supremacy and Blackhole are their style or pace. This game features medium paced default settings and some really tough opponents too. It is reset once a month on the FIRST SUNDAY nearest the 1st of the month. Look out though, there are some surprises included in each reset. There will be some fearsome Xenobe AI players in this game as well, and not all of them easy to kill. You have been warned...Try the Tournament if you think you can play with the Champions!

Getting Started ··back to top

Signing Up and Logging In To get started you will need to sign up with your e-mail address and a user name.
You will also be able to choose a name for your ship, be creative and make a statement with the name you choose. You will also be asked to choose a unique password. You will receive an e-mail at the address you provided, confirm your sign up and you are good to go. You can then log in to the site and get ready to do inter-galactic battle.

Playing The Game ··back to top

Most players begin by using a simple trading strategy. Acting as a 'Trader' you can find an ore and goods port near each other and trade back and forth using your warp moves. At some point you will either afford an upgrade of your hull or the port's prices will go down at which point. We suggest you continue to do this and do multiple hull upgrades. This will increase your power in the game. The idea is to get your engines to be powerful and large enough to move through space between two plentiful ports and trade with them using real space moves instead of just warp moves. Are you getting the idea?

Hints: ··back to top

  • Before you start real space trade buy a Fuel Scoop.
  • To ensure survival maintain the maximum amount of Emergency Warp Devices and an Escape Pod ready for use.
  • Trading is a good way to catch up with the game but because you don't have any planets it's not always the best idea.
  • Think carefully and examine ALL the options. Maybe building up combat levels and taking smaller planets may be a better alternative.
  • We aren't going to tell you everything here, finding out and making mistakes along the way is half the fun.

Advice for New Players ··back to top

  • Try to use up as few turns as possible during play, be conservative.
  • During play ONLY upgrade Hull, Engines and Energy, until you have a good bunch of planets.
  • You will need to upgrade some of your combat levels for defense, but fastest growth can be achieved with trading and storing credits on planets
  • Monitor close to Sol SS1, your four ports, Energy, Goods, Ore and Organics. Try to see which combination of these offers the best trades.
  • Try to avoid trade and or mining far from Sol until you are strong enough.

Tips and Tricks for General Play ··back to top

  • Check your 'game settings' before during and after play.
  • Monitor the number of sectors in the game.
  • Determine your 'colonists limit'.
  • Make sure your IGB is enabled and at what percentage it is set at as well as what percentage you have available for loans.
  • Always monitor the rate at which you accumulate interest in the game.
  • Watch your planets - check how often they grow and gain interest.

Basic Rules ··back to top

We know you love to play fair but there are a few rules you need to know:
  • Players are not allowed multiple accounts
  • Don't exploit the system. New players are allowed a certain number of turns. It is possible to trade, hide your money and then self-destruct, signing up again under a new name and the collect your ill gotten gains. A scam like this is well known and will be noticed. Don't do it. You'll be banned when discovered.
  • Bad language will not be tolerated even in the heat of the moment. By all means, offer a challenge but do it nicely!
  • If you find a bug, report it, don't exploit it. Strong players don't need help.
  • For detailed rules and terms of service, be sure and read THE RULES

Getting Help ··back to top

If you get confused along the way, don't worry, help is at hand. Consult the FAQ's for an overview of the game, and some help understanding the different kinds of strategies you might use to trade commodities and gain wealth. Here you will also find help with combat strategies.

Use the 'help' facility to get answers to questions about your ship's systems, sector movements, attack protocol and information on the status of an unknown planet. Here you will also find basic information and statistics for your game play as well as help changing your user specifications. It will also explain how to upgrade your ship's components and how to protect your ship when necessary and how to play in the different galactic zones. For information about your planets consult the 'planet report' menu. The options menu will enable you to change your password or your ship's name and your language settings if you need to.

Crazy Forums ··back to top

Our Crazy Forums are the place to go if you want to ask further questions or get support with your game play. The forums are also the place where you can report any 'bugs' you may encounter during play. So, don't be afraid to ask the friendly forum moderators or other players for help and advice. There are forums especially for the games or join a more general forum and get to know the CrazyBri.net community. You can also send the administrators a message through the 'send feedback' menu.

Friendly Global Communication ··back to top

On CrazyBri. Net you will meet and play with players from all over the word. This is a great opportunity to get to know people from other countries and share and learn strategies from great minds all over the planet. CrazyBri.Net makes it possible to reach others with the click of your mouse.

As play heats up, please remember that not all players use the same English as you may be used to, in fact, many players do not speak English as a first language so be respectful of each other's differences and try to meet each other halfway. You will find that keeping a friendly and open attitude to others enhances your gaming experience and you'll make a few new friends too!

REMEMBER: CrazyBri.net is a family-friendly site where we aim to create a pleasant online game playing experience for everyone. At all times be polite, don't use bad language and don't disrespect other players. Bad behavior will be met with an instant ban from the site, so stay within friendly, respectful boundaries and keep things fun for everyone!

Future Development ··back to top

Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt is a fork classic BlackNova Traders game. If you have played games like Tradewars, Alien Assault Traders and Ultimate Universe you will enjoy Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt.

The developers of this game try to keep it unique and different with a few twists and touches that make it different from other online games in its genre.

Brian Gustin, the founder of CrazyBri.net is one of the developers of Blacknova and with other dedicated volunteers he has used his skills as a programmer to streamline the game and fix any errors that may crop up from time to time. The team is constantly working to upgrade the game and make it more user-friendly.

Players are welcomed to report any problems they may experience at the Crazy Forums or using the easy Feedback Form. It is only with your support that we can ensure a top quality game.

Suggestions from players on how the game may be improved are most welcome and will certainly be used to add new features to the game. CrazyBri.net hopes that changes like these will make the game more interesting for everyone. You will also be able to say, See that, I made it happen!

Suggestions and feature requests may be made in the CrazyForums Who knows? Maybe it will be YOUR idea that we implement for improved game play!

Blacknova is an open source game so it is available for everybody to download and use on their websites and you will be able to make any modifications to the game to suit you better.

If you enjoy The Blacknova games, we invite you to try our Coolnova Classic as well for more heart-pounding inter-galactic action.

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