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Terms of Service and Rules Policies

Site-Wide Rules ·

At CrazyBri.net we enforce a strict, no-nonsense, family-friendly policy. Our team of administrators and moderators has worked hard to create a safe environment for all age groups, nationalities, cultural groups and religious denominations.  

We have a zero-tolerance policy in place as far as rule infringements go and any behavior that is outside of our Rules of Conduct will be met with at the very least a reprimand. Certain types of bad behavior will be met with an instant ban.

Our rules are simple: stay friendly, respectful and well mannered at all times and never ever use bad language, slander or bigotry on our site. We suggest that everybody who visits our site and signs up to play our games reads through our 'Rules of Conduct' at least once and preferably twice to familiarize themselves with the things we just don't allow on CrazyBri.net.

You are required to accept these rules before beginning play. Joining and playing a game is constituted as acceptance and acknowledgement of these rules.

Please obey our rules

This helps to ensure that everyone who visits CrazyBri.net gets maximum enjoyment out of the site.

Rules of Conduct for All Players ··back to top

  1. CrazyBri.net is a site that attracts a wide diversity of players from all over the world but all humanity deserves and should practice the 3 R's:
    • Respect for other people
    • Respect for self
    • Responsibility for their own actions

  2. No bad language is allowed on the site, EVER, so don't indulge in it. Bad language includes:
    • Racial slander
    • Political bullying
    • Vulgar phraseology
    • Colloquial cultural terminology.
  3. If you doubt, Don't do it. Remember this includes the games, forums, private messenger services, e-mail messages and any chat room activity during play or that is related to site activity.
  4. No discrimination is allowed on the site. Discrimination includes:
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Gender
    • Religion
    • Ethnicity
    • Nationality
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Political Viewpoints
  5. Sexual content or sexually suggestive material is not permitted on the site. This includes:
    • Sexual innuendos
    • Jokes containing sexually explicit material or innuendo
    • Sexual chat on the forums, during games or via private messengers during play.
  6. No harassment of your fellow players is allowed. This includes:
    • E-mail harassment
    • Harassment via forum posts
    • External harassment via offsite methods e.g. stalking, hacking or anything which might be construed as an invasion of privacy or a criminal act.
    • Sexual harassment via sexual innuendo or any other forms.
    • Harassment during game communication forums.
  7. The individual rules for each game must be adhered to, for example:
    • Rules for error exploitation and bug reporting.
    • Duplicate sign ups and logins.
    • Rules for user names, ship names or tribe names.
    • General rules of play.

    NOTE: CrazyBri.net does recognize and promote the right to free speech of every individual who participates in our site and game play, provided that such speech conforms to the above rules.

    This Document, in conjunction with our Privacy Policy Governs the operation of teh website and the actions of our Administrators and Moderators.
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