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CrazyBri's Strategy Games

Do you like a mental challenge testing your strategic command skills against some of the most skilled players in the world?
Now's your chance to match your wits with people of all ages and skills around the globe. Who knows? You may make a lasting friendship...
or a bitter enemy.. (wink, wink)...
We have many strategy games to choose from, from board games like Chess and Skrabble to MMORPG's like Blacknova Traders, Alien Assault Traders, and TribeStrive

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Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt

Inter-Galactic Warfare at its Best

CrazyBri.net invites you to explore an unknown universe, trade for valuable commodities and gain wealth and power beyond your wildest imaginings.
A game of inter-galactic adventures, Gunslingers allows you to engage in warfare over space sectors and the ownership of planets. Do battle at your peril and be wise or you may lose everything.
Gunslingers is a version of the original BlackNova Traders game which CrazyBri.net runs as Coolnova Classic. If you enjoy playing Gunslingers, we recommend trying Coolnova Classic too.
Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt is very similar to online games like Trade Wars, Alien Assault Traders and Ultimate Universe so if you are a die hard fan of games like this you will probably love Gunslingers.
Three versions of Gunslingers are available for your gaming pleasure and you will be sure to find one that suits your taste, ability level and time schedule perfectly.


The Fastnova game is a super-fast paced game that offers a non-stop thrill ride as you battle for top honors against the best of the best. It features very fast settings so players can build at lightning speed. This game resets on SUNDAY at 12 noon EST every two weeks. So, there is no time for resting on your laurels with this one. A great game for the adrenalin addicted! Try Fastnova now if speed is your ultimate weapon.


Blackhole is the game for you if you like to take your time and build up at your own pace or for those who don't have time to play every day. Also known as the 'forever' game, this game can run for as much as six months before it is reset. Settings are slow and perfect for the part time player. This game usually runs until somebody emerges as the clear winner. Will it be you?


The Tournament is for players who don't feel Supremacy and Blackhole are their style or pace. This game features medium paced settings and some really tough opponents too. It is reset once a month on the FIRST SUNDAY near the 1st of the month. Look out though, there are some surprises included in each reset. You have been warned. Try the Tournament if you are neither a tortoise nor a hare!

Web Chess

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WebChess allows you to battle with other players in Real Time!
Are you as good as you think you are? Find out!
This is where battles are won or lost! The mission is clear.
Capture the king and enjoy the spoils of victory!
The room is hushed, the clock is ticking what's it going to be?

So you think you can beat the BEST?
Challenge one of the top-ranked players and see how you measure up or if you're a little rusty, play with our computerized Chess Bots and polish your skills before taking on the big guns! There are more than twenty players available to play at any time!

Tribe Strive

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TribeStrive is a world of possibilities in a world you create. A unique and comprehensive gaming experience, TribeStrive combines the best of war and civilization games to give you the thrill of discovering the best of both worlds. Can you can emerge victorious and take your clan all the way to the top?
In millenniums gone by, the great power of Rome was unsettled by the disgruntled stirrings of little known nomads on the steppes of Asia. The sight of a Viking Longship signaled certain bloodshed for those whose eyes saw its curved bow.
Little known barbarian tribes gave birth to classical Europe. Dorians from northern lands doomed Greece into a dark age but the land surged anew because of the simple yet majestic power of iron!
Civilization is as strong as its power, wealth and health. What is the value of a thriving civilization if it has no means of self defense or the strength in an army that dooms its people to a life of war-related famine? If you have often pondered on questions like these and think you can find the perfect balance then Tribestrive is for you.
You can become part of a world where men were men and the Clan meant all. A time when decisions meant feast or famine and your closest friends could be your worst enemies. A time of blood, sweat and brute force where your worth will be proved by your intelligence, cunning or diplomacy. This is a brutal, unforgiving land where your name could be remembered for all time or just as easily forgotten in the barren dust.
Ultimately, it's your choice. Will you grow and thrive, building piece by piece a great army, magnificent wealth, survival skills, and food resources? Will you play it safe and stay isolated, watching your wealth grow with little satisfaction or will you transform yourself and surge forward to conquer new worlds?
Will you befriend your stronger neighbors and together conquer the evil forces that threaten your survival and the survival of the defenseless women and children who rely on your leadership for their very survival? There are endless possibilities and the world is your canvas.

BlackNova Traders

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CoolNova Classic is our featured, classic BlackNova Traders or 'BNT' space strategy game. Are you on a relentless quest for thrilling space exploration, trade and inter-galactic warfare? If so, look no further. You have found your Nirvana. BlackNova Traders is a web-based, multi-player game that allows you to create your own outer space empire, gain in wealth and strength and engage in mighty battle with those lurking spies who seek to destroy you. CrazyBri.net invites both new and experienced players to join our BNT game and become part of our friendly gaming community.
If you enjoyed Gunslingers (right here on CrazyBri.net) and are addicted to games like Star Wars, Star Trek and Ultimate Universe, you will love Coolnova Classic. In fact Gunslingers was derived from the original BNT game. CoolNova Classic is loosely based on the BBS game, 'Tradewars'.
The game we feature on CrazyBri.net runs mostly at default settings so if you have played BlackNova Traders before there won't be any surprises. However, it does have a few twists and turns to keep things interesting. Sometimes it will feature Xenobes (A.I players) and at other times there will be a 'Gold Mine' planet growing in an Ore Sector just to surprise you!

Interactive Online Skrabble

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CrazyBri.net's Real Time Word Game

You might remember the old classic Parker Brothers Scrabble® board game that you played with your brothers and sisters on rainy days? If you do then you're already a pro because this game is very similar to your old favorite.

If not, no sweat. The rules are very simple and ultimately it's all up to your language skills, spelling and that all important vocabulary! We didn't say it was going to be easy, did we?

Skrabble is a challenge for the most efficient wordsmiths because you probably haven't reckoned on your opponents language prowess. Pit your word skills against your online group and find out who will emerge as the 'Word Master' among you. At least, until the next game!

Getting started is simple. Just choose 'new game' and press 'okay'. You will then be asked to choose a group of players. You can play Skrabble with two, three or four players. So, why not invite your friends to a game, now?

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