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Interactive Online Skrabble- CrazyBri.net's Real Time Word Game

Welcome To the Ultimate in Word Games....
You might remember the old classic Parker Brothers Scrabble® board game that you played with your brothers and sisters on rainy days? If you do then you're already a pro because this game is very similar to your old favorite.

If not, no sweat. The rules are very simple and ultimately it's all up to your language skills, spelling and that all important vocabulary! We didn't say it was going to be easy, did we?

Skrabble is a challenge for the most efficient wordsmiths because you probably haven't reckoned on your opponents language prowess. Pit your word skills against your online group and find out who will emerge as the 'Word Master' among you. At least, until the next game!

Getting started is simple. Just choose 'new game' and press 'okay'. You will then be asked to choose a group of players. You can play Skrabble with two, three or four players. So, why not invite your friends to a game, now?
Start in the middle Unravel the riddle Of letters and verbs Of pronouns and words Put on your 'word' hat Make chat out of cat? Make vocab. your weapon But don't lose your grip on The rules of the game They're not all that tame Go across or go down But don't use pronouns Keep a good score Need letters? Take more! If it's words you desire This game's on fire!
Logging In

All you need to do is enter their names and e-mail addresses and an e-mail will be sent to them personally with their own unique password. Once everybody is online and logged in the game is on and you get to see how smart you really are.

Starting Play

The first player starts the game by using two or more letters to form a word, either across or down. Don't forget, the first letter MUST be on the center square and no diagonal words are allowed. The play then passes to the left, until everyone has had a turn.

Don't forget to keep score as you go along. The black numbers on each square will tell you how many points you have earned with a particular word. Read through the 'rules' section for specific rules on scoring.

Tips for Scoring

  • Dark red square = Triple words score
  • Light red square = Double word score
  • Dark blue square = Triple letter score
  • Light blue square = Double letter score

To avoid a 'Skrabble Squabble' consult the online dictionary if in doubt whether a word is permissible or spelled correctly after the fact, of course to keep it a challenge.

Tips for Friendly Online Gaming

-We suggest that you and your buddies consult the 'Rules' section before you start play. That way everybody will know what is allowed and the game can get underway with out any interruptions.

-Once you have a game in progress and you return to the site, just click on the title you have given your game to resume play.

-Remember that after 15 days without any activity your game is automatically deleted, so try and keep it going to the very end to find out who the real Word Champion is. Yes, you of course!

-Don't get impatient with yourself or other players.

-Don't cheat! Your opponents can't see you flipping through your dictionary but you know if you are, keep it challenging and use only your general knowledge.

Need help? Chat to one of the members on our friendly Crazy Forums and ask your question. There is always somebody available to help you make the most of the site. Don't worry. There is NO SUCH THING as a stupid question.. Only Stupid Answers..

REMEMBER: CrazyBri.net is a family-friendly site. Any bad behavior will result in an instant ban. There are plenty of good clean words in the dictionary so no bad language or attitudes!

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