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Developer Credits and Acknowledgements

This page is dedicated to listing and linking to all of the websites and resources I have used and giving credit where credit is due to all that have helped in the development of the NEW crazybri website.
First Off, I wish to specially thank Crazy Kitty, General, and Iamsure for their Advice and input during the design of this website.

M O D E R A T O R S AND A D M I N S These are the folks that keep your games running and adjust your settings! Give 'em a BIG Thank-You any chance you get. It's their only reward....(for now) Da_Boss (A.K.A trukfixer, crazybri, Da Man!) Brian Gustin Crazy Kitty (ain't she just GREAT!?) Marilyn Prado General (whatta guy!) Jeremy Jedlicka Krazy Klingon (A.K.A. "Joey") Joe P. Chin Scooter (Ann McCord) - our resident Dragon Expert Gator (Pete McCord) - our resident Dragon Wizard DEVELOPERS The people who made this entire site possible through their superb coding skills and Open-Source Collaboration efforts... Without Open-Source, half the internet as you know it wouldnt exist! (and Microsoft would be the ONLY thing you know) Brian Gustin ("Crazy Bri") [ as crazy as they make em] Patrick Smallwood ("Iamsure") [hmmm.. is he really?] Jeremy Jedlicka ("General") [ General What? Dollar? Pain? Lee?] Ibon Lopez ("Zaldun") [ Our friend from Spain ] Special thanks to several contributors to the content and robustness of the website: ihaveagirlfrind, philJC, tepsi, general, michelle(our writer), kitty, bri, patrick, bitzz, zaldun, lady shondra, Ambarr (Artemis) Resources are listed and linked below

Official Coding Standards - CrazyBri's official coding standards. All our projects are coded within these guidelines.

Project 7 - You can thank their awesome tutorial for those nifty, fast-loading graphic menus. Without using CSS, these pages would have amounted to a whopping 82 KB each (24 second load time on a 56K dialup)...

Utopia Software - This is the developer of the News script that we use (I modified it, of course, to suit)

Rent-A-Coder - This is where I bid out for the articles that Michelle wrote for us. (I do some work there too)

d2Earth -Various webware, including site search (coming soon)

Extropia -Various webware, including site search (coming soon)

Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt The Alternative BNT project and our fastnova game
BlackNova Project OUr Coolnova Classic runs on this code
QUASAR the Newest fork of BNT and a pretty cool game- another CrazyBri project
Promisance Project The Promisance code that we run and are fixing up
Solar Empires Our StarQuest Game (and the base code for Galaxy Raiders)
Quantum Star (a Solar Empires fork) We havent gotten the code working right yet, so.. it is on the backburner
WebChess WebChess Project at Sourceforge- Looking to take its development further...
Wordog Project - WorDoG game.. it will be making a comeback quite soon!
PHP Email List - One of my projects and a powerful mailing list tool
Galaxy Raiders Project Crazy Bri's Pet Project
The FreeTribes Project Being developed by our own CrazyBri, forked from the original TribeStrive Button Generator (Where do you think I got those cool buttons??
The JavaScript Source
Google Language Tools- a great resource for an international website
PHP Power! This site is written almost entirely in PHP!
Smarty Templates This website is built with Smarty Template Engine.
Powered by Apache Our webserver runs Apache Webserver.
Mysql Database This website is partially contained in a MySQL database...
GOOGLE! Couldnt live without Google! Google is my friend!

Website, Graphics, and content is © Copyright 2002-2005 Brian Gustin

All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of website graphics, content, or the name CrazyBri or our logo without written consent of the owner is strictly prohibited under U.S. and International Copyright and trademark laws.
Games and other software in use not protected under this notice are protected by the copyrights and trademarks of their respective owners.
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