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WebChess allows you to battle with other players in Real Time! Are you as good as you think you are? Find out! This is where battles are won or lost! The mission is clear. Capture the king and enjoy the spoils of victory! The room is hushed, the clock is ticking what's it going to be?

So you think you can beat the BEST? Challenge one of the top-ranked players and see how you measure up or if youíre a little rusty, play with our computerized Chess Bots and polish your skills before taking on the big guns! There are more than twenty players available to play at any time!

Choose your strategy but use your soldiers wisely. Your loyal bishops will help you infiltrate the ranks of the enemy! No doubt, the queen is sneaky but you canít afford to lose her! Protect your king or itís a miserable defeat you wonít easily live down!

Meet your opponent by challenging him to a game. The ĎCHALLENGESí button will get you going. Select the color of your choice and whether you would like to play an official game (click YES) or friendly game (click NO). Choose an opponent and the game is on! You can join a tournament or even create your own! If you are a newbie, choose a player from the rankings list and take your chances, or invite a buddy to join you on the site!

Crazy Skrabble
You might remember the old classic Parker Brothers Scrabble ģ board game that you played with your brothers and sisters on rainy days? If you do then youíre already a pro because this game is very similar to your old favorite.

If not, no sweat. The rules are very simple and ultimately itís all up to your language skills, spelling and that all important vocabulary! We didnít say it was going to be easy, did we?

Skrabble is a challenge for the most efficient wordsmiths because you probably havenít reckoned on your opponents language prowess. Pit your word skills against your online group and find out who will emerge as the 'Word Master' among you. At least, until the next game!

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