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CrazyBri.net's Blacknova Traders Game

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CoolNova Classic is our featured, classic BlackNova Traders or 'BNT' space strategy game. Are you on a relentless quest for thrilling space exploration, trade and inter-galactic warfare? If so, look no further. You have found your Nirvana. BlackNova Traders is a web-based, multi-player game that allows you to create your own outer space empire, gain in wealth and strength and engage in mighty battle with those lurking spies who seek to destroy you. CrazyBri.net invites both new and experienced players to join our BNT game and become part of our friendly gaming community.

If you enjoyed Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt (right here on CrazyBri.net) and are addicted to games like Star Wars, Star Trek and Ultimate Universe, you will love Coolnova Classic. In fact Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt was derived from the original BNT game. CoolNova Classic is loosely based on the BBS game, 'Tradewars'.

The game we feature on CrazyBri.net runs mostly at default settings so if you have played BlackNova Traders before there won't be any surprises. However, it does have a few twists and turns to keep things interesting. Sometimes it will feature Xenobe (A.I players) and at other times there will be a 'Gold Mine' planet growing in an Ore Sector just to surprise you!

How Do I Play CoolNova Classic? ··back to top

As the captain of your very own ship you will decide your own destiny as you seek to conquer the universe. Safely ensconced in your spacecraft, (perhaps deceptively so) you will navigate through space and trade for valuable commodities between space ports.

The points gained from trade will earn valuable credits. These credits allow you to upgrade your ship's power and capacity. Upgrades you can obtain include a bigger cargo hull. This will allow you bigger trades with each turn at play and earn you more money per turn. It will also empower you with improved weapons, engines and sensors.

BlackNova Traders will also allow you to colonize planets that will generate goods and money. All the while you must be smart and determined enough to transform your empire into a galactic super-power. Sectors and planets must be fought for and you will need to defend the ones you own from invader ships. Will you stand alone or form an alliance?

There are many life or death decisions to be made in this game

Getting Started - Strategic Play ··back to top

After your first few days trading, you will need to choose a strategy. We suggest using 'The Trader' until you have reached hull level 17. After that, you can change to 'Builder' mode.

For new players we suggest the following strategy:

  1. To begin with, you will find yourself in 'Sol'. You need to begin trading to make credits and grow stronger.
  2. Start by finding a trade route that is linked by warps and then,:
  3. From Sol, navigate to Sector 1.
  4. Run a 'Full Scan' and scout the area for a 'Goods' or 'Ore' port. If one is not visible return to sector 2 and 3 and try again.
  5. If, for example you reach sector 3 and a scan has revealed 4 Ore ports, the before moving back to Sol (or on to a federation sector):
  6. Scan all the Ore ports to find a safe link back.
  7. If you find a safe warp link in a sector that also has a link to a Goods port, you are able to set up a trade route in one of the sectors.
  8. Fill in the port details and make sure it is set to 'Warp'. Then click the link to begin trading.

REMEMBER: Coolnova Classic is a typical BlackNovaTraders game so each turn at play is the equivalent of one turn. Initially you will begin with a fixed number of turns but will receive one extra turn at every system restart or update.

Navigating ··back to top

For die-hard Star Wars and Star Trek fans this is the ultimate in space travel. Like Captain James T. Kirk or Luke Skywalker, your ship will fly through the universe getting into all sorts of exciting situations and trouble along the way.

With the BNT game, you can 'fly' in one of two ways. The most basic method is to use warp links. A warp link is a 'gateway' between two different sectors and always takes one turn at play.

The second method is real space movement. With 'real space' you make use of your ship's engines to navigate between two points in the universe. This movement is helped along by the size of your engines. The bigger they are, the faster you will be able to go and so you can move between points more quickly.

This means fewer turns are needed. When you first begin your engines won't be very powerful so this method isn't for new 'captains'. Use warp links until your engine is more powerful.

Staying Alive ··back to top

  1. Avoid scanning people. This is perceived as a threat and you may be targeted yourself. Try not to scan their planets either.
  2. If you logout in a sector with other players or their planets. This may be construed as an indication that you are scouting out locations for a more powerful player. You might not live to tell the tale.
  3. Never attack a player whose rank is much higher than your own. Your chances of survival are slim.

How Do I Win The Game? ··back to top

The winner of each game is the player with the highest score. Your score will be determined by calculating your ship levels, money and other planets, fighters and weaponry that you gained during the game. The player with the highest score wins the 'round'. With a bit of luck and lots of foresight, it may even be you.

As you start play, don't concern yourself with your score or winning the game. Try to uncover the best strategy for getting the most turns at play and for making the most money. Once you are an ace at these strategies you can start playing more competitively and increase your score, as you aim to conquer the unknown world of the galaxy.

Get Help in the Forums ··back to top

Don't forget to contact the Crazy Forums with any questions you may have about the BNT games or if you just need help getting started. Our friendly moderators and other players are always available and willing to help you on your way. Just sign up, log in and get to know some great people. Whatever you do, don't be shy. If you find any errors in the games, please contact us via the forums and we will fix them.

REMEMBER: Our site is Family-Friendly and that means no bad language, no bad attitudes and definitely no disrespecting your fellow players. This ethic is very well enforced and any player stepping over the line of common decency will be banned. So, keep it friendly and fun and have an explosive, super-charged galactic adventure. Good Luck Captain!

Interviews ··back to top

We know that new as well as old players wonder about the people who play games at CrazyBri.Net. We see their user names like 'Kitty' or 'Lady Shondra' or 'Bitzz' and wonder who they are and why they play so often or perhaps the most commonly asked question: How did they get so good!?'

We managed to pin down two avid players of BlackNova and talked to them to see if we could uncover some answers to your (and my) questions. So, sit back and relax and find out a little more about the competition with our Q and A session for Blacknova and Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt.

Up Close and Personal With 'Lady Shondra' ··back to top

Q: How long have you been playing Blacknova and what do you like about the game? Do you play any other online games? If so, which ones?  

A: I have played BNT since it was first featured on CrazyBri.net. I can't remember exactly when that was, probably over a year, now. I also play BlackNova Traders games online.  

Q: What are the challenges and benefits of GXH, to you as a player? Why should new players give it a try?  

A: Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt has many more different features than the regular BlackNova Traders games but the challenge is much the same i.e. TO WIN (laughs).  The variety of ships, spies, etc. make it more of a challenge than BlackNova Traders.  

I have invited many players to explore Gunslingers and Blacknova and what it offers that is different than the regular BlackNova Traders game.  Some have become addicted and some have expressed their dislike of it, mostly because it, so far, has been very unstable. I do recall that this was the case with BlackNova Traders when I started playing it also.  

Q: Being an experienced player what advice would you give to new players? If they are intimidated, how do you suggest they start out?  

A: My suggestion is that a new player simply explore. I have found that is the best way that I have learned to play and also to not be afraid to lose when in a 'newbie' status...also, solicit the advice of a couple of the top ranking players for guidance as most are very helpful, even after they have 'killed' you (laughs).  

Q:  Are there any aspects to the game that you don't like or that you would like to see improved in the future?

A: I know that work is being done to fix the coding and make if more stable (I have pointed out numerous bugs in the past.)

Q: Have you made any new friends through playing Blacknova? Can you give players any advice on how to communicate well with others all over the world?  

A: I have made many friends from playing these games and get invitations weekly to join in with them on different servers.  Due to my real life hardships right now, I am not playing any game except Farceonline as it is a long term game.  Most of us use MSN IM to communicate while playing and for waging wars.  

Q: Can you share a funny, quirky story with us that happened while playing the game? Or perhaps, a hair-raising bad moment?  

A: In one game on CrazyBri.net, I was second ranked with the player Moose (first ranked). I was on cable at the time and would place all my credits on a planet while at the computer then bank them when not. I had them on my planet-no defenses other than my watchful eyes. When nature quickly called my name and it was a command performance (laughs) I had no time to bank credits and in the time it took to answer that call and come back, Moose had lucked into my bank planet and stole all my credits. A lesson learned - the hard way (laughs)  

Lady Shondra is a retired grandmother who hopes to get back to playing more games in the near future. She says she used to have cable but has switched to dial-up modems. In her words 'I have been spoiled by cable!'  

Getting to Know Bitzz ··back to top

Q: How long have you been playing Blacknova and GXH and what do you like about the game? Do you play any other online games? Which ones?

A: About 4 years. It's a great distraction from the real world. I also play 'Rise of Tyrants' and PlanetBattleground online.

Q: What are the challenges and benefits of Blacknova and Gunslingers? Why should new players give it a try?

A: The challenge of learning the game, the settings, the kicking of butt (laughs). The game is a non-violent form of release

Q: Being an experienced player what advice would you give to new players? If they are intimidated, how do you suggest they start out?

A: Make friends with the big boys. Don't try flexing your newfound muscle on the big boys because you'll get discouraged with all the setbacks you'll have. I'm very protective of what I have and can be extremely vengeful!  

 Q: Are there any aspects to the game that you don't like or that you would like to see improved in the future?

A: I don't like it when the settings are changed once the game starts, and it irks me to no end when certain players can be killed off but they can still come back or they just create other players after they get killed and have had a chance to stake out everyone else.   

Q: Have you made any new friends through playing the game? Can you give players any advice on how to communicate well with others all over the world?

A: Lots of new friends. I find that using some of the language translators available on the web helps me communicate in their language. I would like to see a link on the site to one of these translators. That would be useful. (editor note: Google Language Tools )

Bitzz (or Nigel) is a self confessed 'old phart'. He is married with five kids and soon to be three grandkids between his wife and himself. They met on the internet about eight years ago and have been married for three. He owns a small IT company and loves to play games to relax and unwind after a hard day's work.

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