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Advertising on CrazyBri.net- Do's and Dont's..

At CrazyBri.net, we have a pretty good group of users looking to have some fun and playing time.. In order to give our members and visitors the best possible experience, we have established the following rules that all admins watch out for violations.
  1. NO POP-UP ADS. Under no circumstances will this site EVER generate a pop up ad. Any banners or links that attempt to generate a pop-up ad, install spyware, or otherwise intrude or re-direct our users, will be immediately removed. If these are paid-for ads, there will be NO REFUND.
  2. NO advertising, banners or remote images may be posted anywhere on the site or in the games (you have to buy advertising)
  3. Attempts to solicit our members via email, forum spamming, private messaging is grounds for a permanent ban from our server
  4. Attempts to circumvent our strict banner and textads policy by providing us with an image with embedded code will result in teh image being removed immediately
  5. Signature lines may not contain advertising links to any website or URL of any kind, nor may a signature line contain a remote image or avatar.
  6. Forum postings advertising your favorite game or website are permitted, provided that they contain NO referral ID's or links
  7. Reciprocal links are gladly accepted and worked out (contact us by the feedback form)
  8. Text Ads are coming soon, as are game sponsorships and many other programs to get your product out to the masses

  9. We want our users to enjoy themselves and not have to put up with remote images, slow loading javascript, performance robbing flash, etc. THis is why we have strict rules about ad content and design. We will only accept advertising from advertisers who will give us an actual electronic hard-copy of the advertising content, which will be hosted on our own server.
    IN this way, we are able to maintain control over advertising presented to our visitors, and prevent popups and malicious or intrusive spyware or ad ware from being installed by remotely hosted, remotely controlled banner images.

    If you have further questions or want more information on advertising with us, use the feedback form or a private message to Crazy Kitty or Da_Boss at the Crazy Forums
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