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How It All Started The History of CrazyBri.net

In the Beginning... · Getting the code · Dedicated Friends and Helpers · What's In a Name? · Trials and Tribulations · Growth of CrazyBri · Now and the Future ·

In the Beginning...... · · Back to top

Brian Gustin a.k.a. CrazyBri and co-founder Marilyn Prado a.k.a. Crazy Kitty started CrazyBri.net in 2002. As with many great endeavors, this family-friendly site grew from a humble beginning. What you are able to enjoy here today is a credit to its founders, other volunteers and many loyal supporters who have helped with its growth and nurturing over the past few years.

Disillusioned by their experiences on similar sites where players were sometimes the victim of bad language, attitudes, cheating and exploiting 'bugs' in the game and a generally disrespectful spirit, they set about creating CrazyBri.net.

Marilyn remembers, "While playing in a never-ending game on another site, I met this player called "Scotty" who was separating from his dad's team temporarily, as they gathered more players to go against a strong enemy. Scotty saved me from them and asked me to join the team, and in the meantime he would show me how to play and help the players he was bringing into the team. One night he brought in a player who seemed to be as much a loner as I was.  I think his name was "Necromancer" at the time a.k.a. Brian! We got along great and played well together."

"One day I heard that this player had had a misunderstanding with another player in the chat rooms, and there was bad language used, and one of the players was leaving the club. It was Brian who was leaving after getting fed up with being cussed at in language not fit to print."  

"During one of the last games we played together, they introduced me to 'the guy' who was leaving the game and was distributing his planets and earnings through the team.  We started talking.  I think that was when we found out we had been playing together all the time and didn't even know it!"

Getting the Code · · Back to top

"He said he was going to try downloading a copy of the game, and see how the code worked. I think that was when I offered to help in any way I could, because I knew it would be a big move for him, and although I didn'tknow him long, thought it would be a good idea to support him as he seemed to be very knowledgeable, and a very sweet and responsible person."  

Brian and Marilyn ('partners in crime' from the very beginning) saw a need for a gaming community that was family oriented and encouraged a sense of good, clean fun and respect by and for fellow players. They knew that they and their moderators would have to foster a firm resolve that CrazyBri.net would have a strong, firmly enforced family-friendly atmosphere where young people and adults alike could be comfortable and happy visiting.

They wanted all who visited the site to be reassured that nothing inappropriate would be allowed on the site. The site would be a place where parents could send their children in complete confidence about their safety and protection.

This is the 'Holy Grail' on CrazyBri.net and it is a source of pride for all who are involved in making the site a success.

Not at all deterred by his lack of thorough knowledge and the inevitable funding needed for such a venture, Brian set about discovering just what it would take to fulfill his dream. He discovered the source code for the BlackNova game he had been playing and found a web hosting site where he could host it at a reasonable fee.

In Brian's words, "It was rough!", but with Kitty's help and unfailing support he registered a second domain name (crazybri.net) and found a better hosting deal for the site. Things were finally underway.

Of course, the site needed players and friends, and without the people who came to play at 'Brian's Place' in those early days and invited their friends along too, the site would not be what it is today.

What's In a Name? · · Back to top

Brian says that the name for the site just fell into place. "When I was trying to come up with a domain name to run the Blacknova game under, I was also chatting with Kitty. I kept telling her all of my ideas and asking her how they sounded to her (names like BNTBRI.com or silly names like 'shoot-my-ship.com' and she finally called me "Crazy Bri" for the first time. I checked, and sure enough www.crazybri.com was available to be registered and CrazyBri.net was born."

Trials and Tribulations · · Back to top

Things weren't always easy in those early days and there were many obstacles to overcome. The site experienced some inevitable teething problems and changed web hosts three times in as little as three months.

Brian says, "There were several 'bugs' in the source code that had to worked through and this coupled with a lack of developer involvement made implementing the games laborious. I also had no knowledge of the php language and only very rudimentary HTML skills to begin with and this further complicated things for a while."

There were other growing pains too. Inevitably, some less than scrupulous players found out about CrazyBri.net, bringing with them, a very bad element intent on disrupting the sites' family friendly ethic.

Brian and the staff at CrazyBri.net, were kept busy with banning and policing these players in a committed effort rid themselves of those who sought to cheapen the site. Brian relates, "We successfully weeded them out and they finally got the message that cheating and foul language just wouldn'tbe tolerated on CrazyBri.net!"

Dedicated Friends and Helpers · · Back to top

So many people unselfishly dedicated their time to helping grow the site in the early days and continue to do so with great levels of passion and commitment. Brian says it best, "I can'teven count all the people that were such a help, but as of right now, I owe a lot of credit to Kitty and Iamsure, and had help over the years from Jordi, Krazy Klingon, Scooter, Lady Shondra, General, Surfdude, and Zaldun."

"Some of our friends and helpers haven't been around as much lately but I think that is due to 'Real Life' getting in the way and they couldn't come back to play very much.  I'm sure I am forgetting a few people but they know how grateful I am."

CrazyBri.net is a relatively small community, but close-knit and friendly, and quite a few people here have made lifelong friends and in Brian's words, "Life Partners, (*wink, wink*)."

Relative to other sites, it is like a second family to many of its members and they really do care about each other, say hello often, visit and chat on AIM or Yahoo IM. In fact Brian is currently considering developing a Chat Room for the site, so watch the news often.

How the Games Have Grown · · Back to top

All the games on CrazyBri.net have gone through changes and improvements over the years but there are a few which stand out as favorites. WebChess. Promisance and Legend of the Green Dragon are immensely popular at the moment, according to traffic statistics alone. Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt is gaining back its previous popularity among players and this is encouraging because it shouldn't be missed.

Our Real Time WebChess game is one of the top games on CrazyBri.net simply because it is so easy to play, yet an invigorating challenge for those who enjoy matching their wits against a global spectrum of players.

Promisance is hugely popular everywhere and CrazyBri.net is no exception. Some games may have more than 200 - 1000 players engaged at any one time. This game is similar in style to 'Civilization' a home computer game that is quite popular.

For some comic relief, Legends of the Green Dragon is very popular largely due to the fact that it is a silly and fun game to play. It is the fun element that makes it so satisfying

StarQuest is currently being developed into a brand new game design by Brian and others, into a game called Galaxy Raiders , so we suggest that players really consider giving it a try.

CrazyBri.net - Now and In the Future · · Back to top

Brian and Marilyn believe that the site has been a very rewarding project for them and a successful one too. In Brian's words, "The main reason for the success of the site is the great, friendly atmosphere. It's an integral part of the site's ethic.

"Other things I need to do to improve the site, are to bring in more players, increase the site's exposure and popularity, and I want to find one or two solid, reliable administrators who will spend at least an hour a day going through and moderating or checking on the games they are assigned. Right now, we have some very good people, but often due to other commitments they can't spend as much time on the games as they would like to."

"I also need someone who can help me on a regular basis to get new, fresh content into the website and pages, someone who will help with advertising and promotion, and I would love to get a few assistants to help with HTML and PHP coding on the website.  I do have some limited help in all of those areas, but I sure would like to be able to increase the levels of help in the future"

According to Brian a site re-design is on it way and by the time this article is read, the new site design should be in place. Upcoming Features will include a member's area, universal login to all the games from a single account signup, and some new and fun promotional ideas as well as a few limited "get paid to" programs. He says, "Some ideas I will be bringing over from www.cashglow.com, which I have just recently sold off at E-Bay" · · Back to top
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