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Welcome to the NEW CrazyBri Game Labs!

The Best Online, Interactive Gaming Community on the Web

CrazyBri.net is a fun, family-friendly online gaming community where you will find a wealth of real time games, interactive fun and a great team-spirit, too. We are proud of the quality games we have on offer here and confident that you will find a game to suit you no matter what your taste, style and preference. We welcome you to join our ever expanding community of dedicated and satisfied players. Above all, we want you to have fun, create memories and have an unforgettable adventure!

CrazyBri Game labs is pleased to finally announce the opening of our Online store! Please be sure and check it out! Check out the deals on Airsoft Guns and Gear for your next Airsoft Game!

WorDoG Is Back!

Yep! That's right. We've brought back the very popular Wordog Game! We will be monitoring and watching for admin or game creator requests soon!

CrazyBri.net invites you to try Gunslingers Xenobe Hunt. This inter-galactic space strategy game will launch you into an alternate reality with the click of your mouse. Uncover your hidden power and see if you can transform yourself into a galactic super-power.
There are three versions of this game on offer to suit your individual style and pace.

New Update Regarding LoTGD: We are diversifying our websites and moving several games to other sites. While we at Crazybri will continue to Manage and Run the Forums and server, We're getting a few hard working dedicated admins who will be running and specializing in specific games. The LoTGD game will soon be moving to http://www.speedy-hits.com/ and will be run and managed by Ann and Pete McCord (Scooter and Gator), who will also be running and managing the speedy-hits website and business for CrazyBri.
Stay Tuned to this and the LOGD page for more news and updates!
If you love old world intrigue and fancy yourself an Elven warrior or a Troll, try out Legends of the Green Dragon and pit your skills against the legendary green dragon, feared by all defenseless villagers. Somebody must save them. Will it be you? Battle fire-breathing beasties old-world-style.

Do you love the strategic game of chess? Have you ever thought about playing it online? CrazyBri.net invites you to take on some new players and see how you measure up. Our online Web Chess game will see you in a battle to the death against some impressive players.

If the idea of building and defending your own world intrigues you, we invite you to try Crazy Tribes. Tribestrive allows you to create your own world and be chief of your own clan. If you think you can build a new civilization and defend it from lurking enemies then this game is for you. Clever, calculating play is the hallmark of this game and it's definitely a strategic challenge for the most logical of minds. Lead your people into a brave new future where you decide if they fail or prosper

Do you love word games? Our online Skrabble game is very similar to the old classic Parker Brothers™ Scrabble® and is definitely the game for you if you love to test your English language skills and vocabulary. The online interactivity of this game makes it ideal for getting a game together with friends and family in far off places. Rainy days don't have to be boring anymore. Skrabble is great fun for word addicts.

Coolnova Classic is our featured classic Blacknova Traders space strategy game. This game is very similar in style to the The Gunslingers game, Ultimate Universe, Tradewars, and other trading games. Fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Andromeda, FarScape and other Sci-Fi shows are sure to love these games. So if you love this type of challenge then Coolnova Classic will get the inter-galactic adrenaline going.

The Crazy Forums

Crazy Forums are the place to have a chat and to get to know other players and the friendly moderators who make sure everything runs smoothly on the site. You are more than welcome to ask questions about the games, share your ideas on making them better, or get clarity on your game playing strategy.

The Forums are also the place to report errors or simply share a joke. Please join us by signing up and logging in to the forum of your choice. You are more than welcome to become part of the CrazyBri.net family!

Public Involvement

CrazyBri.net welcomes involvement from everybody out there in any capacity. If you would like to be a moderator or just offer suggestions and feedback in the forums, all are invited and encouraged to contribute. Players and members are always free to suggest ideas for improving the games they play and the team loves fresh ideas.

The site is funded almost entirely by Brian. Now that it is running on a web sever some of the proceeds from selling web space and Advertising are used to help offset some of the running costs. Over the couple of years the site has been running Brian has used banners, donation requests and other invitations to try to raise money for the site. He is adamant, however that he will never ask for a fee from players. He is grateful to the donors that have helped keep the site running thus far. At this stage it is mostly the administrators and moderators keeping things going but with a little luck and the ongoing commitment from the CrazyBri team things will go from strength to strength in the future.

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